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SlowFeeding Optimal, corner mounted premium solution:

  • Natural eating angle
  • Shoe safe
  • Can be fitted with double nets for variable and extreme eating time extension.

This is tomorrows standard

for stalled horses.

Patent pending.

15 standard large bale solutions and special designs for different feeders.


A round bale net often saves 50% hay compared to serving a free choice round bale in the paddock due to minimized waste.

Even Shettland geldings can learn to balance their weight perfectly while enjoying a netted round bale 24/7.

We are currently moving the web shop to a new platform but have unfortunately been delayed.

Please send us an email at hq@SlowFeeding.com and we will do our best to help you.


Hanging nets in 6 sizes and each size in 10 different models.


  • Takes from 2kg = 4 lbs to

60kg = 150 lbs.

  • From no to extreme

eating time extension.

  • All minimizes the wasting of hay.

Many with pending patents.

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